Thursday, August 11, 2016

Classic Heritage in Green

I shared this picture of my late breakfast/brunch here.

It was a special treat, a celebration of sorts, a leisurely cappuccino in a vintage cup and saucer with several chocolate almond biscotti to dunk at my desk while I caught up on my email.

These dishes were a recent purchase.  I first spotted them a couple of months earlier in a shop that is a nonprofit and is half thrift store, half antique store.  What first caught my eye was the color.  A rich,creamy center with a celadon green rim and two gold bands.  The green is very similar to the wall color in my front room, which is dining at one end and living at the other.  The other thing that attracted me to them was that there were a lot of pieces.  Not a full set of all the pieces but lots of each and there were seven different pieces in the place setting, a dinner plate, a cup and saucer, salad plate, bread plate, soup bowl and a dessert bowl.

They were more than I was willing to spend so I admired them in passing several times when I was in the store.  And then one day when I was in the shop I discovered that the business was going to be moving to a new location and they were having a sale.  Every thing in the store was half price.  They came home with me that very day.  Not every piece is perfect.  There is an occasional chip and the center gold band is worn off of some of the dinner plates.  I seem to have the most cups--12--but there are sufficient pieces

three sizes of plates

two sizes of bowls

beautiful cup and saucer
In doing some research I learned that they were a china pattern made by Taylor, Smith & Taylor around the late 1930s or 1940. They are pictured above on a white tablecloth.

But they also look nice on this deep red one.

Shortly after I bought them my younger daughter hosted a bridal shower for her sister, my older daughter, using several different patterns of vintage plates.  Some of the plates were hers and some were mine. They were part of that table paired with a goldleaf charger.  Here a brass napkin ring suggests that brass candlesticks and vases would be lovely on the center of the table.

Joining Susan at BNOTP here.

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