Wednesday, August 31, 2016


On a recent thrift store expedition with my sister I snapped up this stack of four plates.  I could not have left them there.  It was so sad that they were there in the first place and they needed me to love them.  These plates appear to be hand thrown, made by someone on a potter's wheel.  If the signature on the back is accurate they were made by someone named Bear in '88.  Bear, whoever he or she is, shaped these plates, glazed them and fired them.  Perhaps Bear is a pro, making thousands of plates day in and day out with never another care about those plates.  But the romantic side of me thinks that Bear might have made these plates as a gift for someone special and that is what is sad is that they now were at Goodwill to be purchased by me.

They are a beautiful creamy color.

The glaze appears to match the glaze on several pieces that are displayed on the wall at my house.  These pieces are on loan to me, made by my daughter, Nikole, when she took a pottery class in college.

The back has the same unglazed center area.  Both have the signature of the potter scratched into the back.
The coordinate nicely with these four dark plates, also made by my daughter in the same class.
And to fill out the placesetting perhaps some wood.

A carved wood napkin ring, wood salt and peppers, and a small wooden salad bowl.  All thrifting finds. 

And what did I pay for these beauties?
Sad that something so special, someone's hard work, should be sitting on a shelf at Goodwill.  So glad that I was there on that day to grab them up. 

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  1. I'm glad you captured them and they go so well with your other dishes. Isn't that the way it goes though- one person's treasure isn't valued by another so out it goes. It's good that you found them and they'll be loved once again! They look wonderful with the dark brown dishes and wood bowl.