Monday, August 29, 2016

cordial collection

I now have quite a few cordial glasses.  Cordial glasses are tiny glasses from which a person sips tiny amounts, one or two ounces, of a liqueur.  The liqueur is usually served neat with no ice or mixer so a small amount is just right.  I have been planting fruit at the farm and my plans have always been that when the fruit started producing I would make jellies and cordials from the bounty.

I started this cordial collection when I happened upon a set of four of these on an online auction.  The base is metal, I am assuming pewter.  The glass bowl is very delicate.

Not all cordial glasses have stems and these were found at a thrift store.  An internet search revealed pictures of what appears to be the same glass called Galassia  by Bormioli Rocco in Italy.  I have a set of six.
These are two different silver cordial glasses.  They were discovered at two different shops within a couple of weeks of each other.  I have five of one and six of the other.  I have not searched out their history yet. 

These are similar in shape to the Galassia above but these have the Princess House pattern of etching on theme.  Another thrift store find.  Six of these became a part of my collection.  Years ago Princess House sold crystal at home parties, kind of like Tupperware then or Pampered Chef now.  I bought quite a few pieces in two of their lines.  One of the sets that I purchased had the same etched design so these will coordinate with those glasses. 

These are also Princess House with the same matching etching.  These hold a smaller amount of liqueur and are stemmed.  I found 11 of these.

The glasses in the right corner are a peachy colored glass.  I have 10 of these.  They match nothing else in my dish stash but I thought they were cute. 
I wrote about my first attempts at making a fruit cordial here. and posted the recipe here..  It should be ready in time for the holidays--Thanksgiving and Christmas for sure, maybe Halloween.


  1. What a great collection. The little cordial goblets are exquisite.

    1. Thanks Valerie, I am looking forward to using them to sip homemade cordials from fruit that I grow. Thanks for your visit and taking the time to comment.