Thursday, April 7, 2016

island tablescape

I just spent several days in Punta Cana for my daughter's destination wedding.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort with several restaurants.  This tablescape for two was set up outside the entrance to one of the restaurants.  It featured a beautifully folded napkin, three forks, three knives, a soup spoon and a butter plate and knife.  The glasses were arranged in a diagonal line.  Each day this table was set differently.

Multiple knives was typical for most settings.  Sometimes the knives were identical.  Sometimes the knives were the same pattern with one slightly larger or slightly more elaborate.

These knives had an interesting curve.

This blurry picture shows the two different knives.  The outside knife was a bit longer with a slightly wider handle.  White tablecloths were typical in the restaurants.  The tables near the buffet generally had a placemat.  

This was the place setting for the wedding supper.  This was the only meal we had where a charger was used.. 


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  1. I just noticed on Susan's post about her stately dinner all the knifes and forks they had by their plate. I love how they folded that napkin- do you think it represented a starfish? Interesting how they set up all the stemware too! I've only know one other person that went to a destination wedding. It seemed like everything went well and the bride and groom were happy! Hope your experience was great too! Thanks for coming by my blog.

    1. Thanks Liz, it was a wonderful wedding and they are happy and I had a great time. We will be having a local celebration in July as well. I don't know about the starfish but it seems reasonable to me. I have never been a napkin folder but I like to see what others do. As for the extra knives most of silverware sets that I see (the moderately priced ones) come with extra forks and spoons but no extra knives. Maybe it is a foreign thing.