Sunday, March 20, 2016

a thrifty table

I recently became a thrift store addict.  My youngest daughter took me along when she was checking out the thrift stores looking for new pieces for her collections.  She is starting a decor rental business as a sideline to her regular job.  Something to do in her mostly non-existent spare time.  We hit both of the local shops--our small town has two--and an estate sale which was basically a garage sale.  Then she headed back to the city and our thrifting together only happened sporadically.  But my sister and/or my mom and I started going without her and now my sister is hooked too.  We have a great time digging through the local shops but also the shops in the neighboring town and even a little more distant bigger towns when we have been there.  We have even bought a few things on K-bid.

In the picture above the 'tablecloth' is a length of fabric that I brought home from Goodwill.  I spread it out on the table to see if it was a long enough piece to sew into a tablecloth.  All spread out it appears to be about 4 yards, plenty long to cover my table with some overhang on all sides, but it could also be made into placemats or even cloth napkins.It is a thin stripe, kind of a brass color and cream.  I added some dishes to see the effect. 

The glasses and silverware are pieces that I already had but the china, napkin and napkin ring are all thrifted.  The china came from Goodwill.  It is without cups and saucers, but there are 9 dinner plates, 9 salad plates, 8 bread plates and 9 fruit dishes.  It is white with silver.bands.

The napkins came from the same Goodwill.  They look to have never been used.  There is  pretty embroidery in one corner.  There were eight that matched.

The napkin rings appear to be a cut glass or crystal.  They came from one of the local stores that receives much of their stock from estate sales.  They were in what seems to be their original boxes.  Four to a box, there were three boxes, two boxes were complete but one box was missing one of the napkin rings.  The fun part of this purchase was that I happened into the store on a day when they had all of their crystal half price.

When setting up the dishes for the above picture I neglected to add a crystal salt cellar.  It was my very first purchase at that first estate/garage sale.  It was a bag of 12 and I have not used them yet since they are not the same style as my normal dishes but they will work nicely with china.


This is a second tablecloth that I bought and when I hung the two fabrics together on a hanger I noticed that the colors seem similar.  I am not one to know what patterns mix well.  Hmm.  Something to think about.

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  1. I had that floral print in a tablecloth. I like the small stripe and it seems to look great with that floral print tablecloth. If you did make placemats you could use the stripe for one and another print on the other side so you can have two different looks.

    1. That is a great idea. Recently a company (Williams Sonoma maybe?) had placemats and napkins in a similar narrow stripe on sale. So I think that it would work. Thanks for the visit and the comment. :)