Wednesday, July 8, 2015

a healthy homecoming

A couple of weeks ago my mom spent some time in a hospital that was a distance from her home.  Both she and my dad have had health issues and hospitalizations recently that has inspired a healthier diet not only for them but also for some of the rest of the family.  When it looked like she was going to be going home later that day, and because of the long ride, my daughter Nikole, went ahead and stopped and got some groceries and had a healthy supper waiting for us when we got home.  She prepared a healthy version of stir fry that used a peanut sauce to replace the soy sauce that we usually use.  She also had a couple of soups on the stove that could be warmed up over the next couple days to provide more healthy meals without a lot of fuss as my folks recuperated at home.  Nikole has shared the recipes so I can post them as well.  I did not get any pictures of our supper that evening but it was great and the peanut sauce added a nice flavor to the vegetables and chicken.  No one missed the higher sodium soy sauce.  Although generally more spicy she left the heat out of the peanut sauce in deference to those who like less heat and it was great.

The two soups were full of healthy vegetables and very flavorful.  A serving of each made it home with me and so I was able to catch a photo of those before eating them.  Both were really good.  Our family did not grow up eating lemon in anything that was not a dessert so I was curious about how the lemon would be in the lemon chicken orzo soup and it was wonderful.

We also didn't grow up eating stuffed peppers so that was a fun soup as well.  In my opinion all of these recipes are keepers.

The recipe for Lemon Chicken Orzo soup is here.

The recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup is here.

The recipe for Healthier Stir Fry with Thai Peanut Sauce is here.

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Stuffed Pepper Soup


  1. I did grow up eating stuffed peppers, love them, but I have never had it as soup. Interesting.

    1. It was really good. My mom tended to cook what my dad liked and he didn't/doesn't really eat peppers. Mostly a meat and potatoes/casserole type of meals as we were growing up. It wasn't as easy to be a foodie back then.

  2. Lorri, Nikole is a very good cook, I learn many things from her. The recipes all look really good, I want to try the Lemon Chicken Orzo soup. Can't wait to hear how the garden is doing .