Monday, May 18, 2015

mother's day and a supper meeting

This past weekend was mother's day and we had lunch in town to celebrate with my mom.  Then a couple days later on Tuesday it was my turn to serve for a group that I belong to.  We meet once a month, 10 months of the year.  We are a small group, usually only nine or ten people and we take turns providing a meal.  This year I made an old favorite for my meeting lunch.  I have had this recipe for over 30 years.  It is sweet and sour meatballs and it is served over rice.  I have made the meatballs before and placed them in a slow cooker and cooked the rice separately.  Usually I place the rice on a large platter and top it with the meatballs but this time I borrowed my mom's new slow cooker which is shaped like a cake plan which allowed me to place the cooked rice in the bottom of the heated slow cooker and top it with the cooked meatballs/sauce and keep it warm until it is time to eat.  These meatballs are pretty easy.  The meatballs are formed and then baked in the oven and when cooked through are added to the sauce which is cooked on top of the stove in a saucepan.  The meatballs and sauce are then baked in the oven or cooked in the slow cooker to marry the flavors.  This recipe is here,

I found a colorful salad on facebook and served it along with the meatballs.  I decided to try it first on the weekend as a practice run before my meeting.  The salad is a cabbage slaw with an Asian dressing and dry roasted peanuts.  The recipe post is here.

For dessert I decided to make an assortment of homemade candy bars.  On facebook I came across this recipe for a homemade Twix bar.  I knew that there were other recipes for homemade candy bars that I had pinned previously and I decided to make homemade Payday and the homemade Butterfinger to make a trio of sweets.  I made them on the weekend and served them for both events.  The homemade twix candy bar cookies can be found here.  The recipe for the homemade butterfinger candy bars can be found here.
The recipe for the homemade payday bars is here.

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