Sunday, December 15, 2013

planning for Christmas 2013

In the past our Christmas celebrations have squeezed in a visit to both sets of my children's grandparents usually on Christmas Eve and our celebration at home was on Christmas morning with presents and a brunch menu.  This year one of my children will be traveling over the actual holiday so we will be celebrating early.  I am liking the idea.  I am picturing a more leisurely celebration and perhaps more than one meal.  I think it will still be a brunch but it will be Saturday morning but I am  thinking that depending on arrival times on Friday that there might be an opportunity for a Friday night meal or dessert and a late afternoon supper on Saturday before the travelers head back home to pack for the airport and their balmy holiday vacation.  I would also like to include the grandparents at some point as at least two of my children will not be here for their celebrations.  Perhaps this year we can do presents before brunch and include the grandparents for brunch or even presents on Friday evening with dessert and stockings in the morning followed by brunch and then an early supper.  I will have to poll the group...

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